An Interview with Alina Smith10/22/12

We recently were given the privilege to learn a lot about the beautiful Alina Smith. Who was born in Russia, became a child star and toured all over Europe at the age of six with Aurora. She recently relocated from Los Angeles to Nashville, Tennessee. Where she got to experience amazing events along the way. Keep reading to enjoy more of the exciting life of Alina Smith.


APro: We asked her how difficult it was to move from Russia to the US at such a young age?


Alina responded: I was raised speaking English and listening to American music. So, I was really excited to move from Europe to the US! But it was still hard, because I was a kid, away from everyone I’ve ever known, including my parents. Luckily I adjusted quickly! I still miss my family, but hey, at least there’s Skype now! Just yesterday mom was showing me her new dress on camera! It was almost like being there.


APro: Skype really is amazing for catching up with family far away. So before moving to the US you were able to tour with the group Aurora. Do you have any fond memories?


Alina: I have so many colorful memories of that time! I remember staying at a monastery, when we were touring Italy. The monks served us pasta with the sauce made from their home-grown tomatoes! One time I got lost at a market in Paris. Our tour manager was really mad when she found me, because I almost made us late for a TV appearance! She was really strict and kept us kids out of trouble… most of the time.


APro: Anything else that was mischievous of you?


Alina: One time a few of us decided to sneak out and go swimming in the Atlantic ocean. It was 3am on a beach in Spain. We’d get in the water and then one of the girls would think she saw a shark – so we’d all squeal and splash back to the shore. Luckily, the night didn’t turn into a “Jaws” sequel, but it was still really memorable


APro: That is a relief there really wasn’t any sharks, at least that attacked you. Let’s talk about your recent move from LA to Nashville, you had a few opportunities to site see along the way. You even got to enjoy an impromptu music session on a cliff in the Grand Canyon. Could you describe what that was like?


Alina: My friend David and I were just walking down the tourist walkway, enjoying the view of the Canyon. Then I saw an outcrop of rock a good 200 feet below us and said: we HAVE to shoot me playing there!! So I got my guitar and started climbing down, in high-heeled boots, mind you. Dave was freaking out the whole time – he thought I was going a little too far with the whole live-fast-die-young rockstar thing! But in the end we were both glad I did it – the video came out great. Just check out that view!

APro: Here’s the video we were talking about, go ahead and take a look. It’s okay we will wait for you to come back.

APro: While LA is known for Hollywood and fame, Nashville is actually named “The Music City” did that influence your decision to move?


Alina: Definitely!! Any time I’m in Nashville, having dinner with friends or playing out, I get to hear crazy talented musicians! This city is soaked with music, and I think it’s the best place to be, if you’re in the biz. It sure feels like home to me!


APro: Nashville also is home to a lot of famous songwriters. Are you planning on focusing more on songwriting now or will you be releasing an album soon?


Alina: I’m very lucky to be co-writing with some of the most successful writers here. It’s so exciting!! Actually today I had my first ever session with a Grammy winner – Don Rollins (“It’s Five O’clock Somewhere”). I can’t wait to perform these new songs for my fans. I’ll be posting a video of a new original every few weeks, so please make sure you follow my Youtube channel:


APro: Thats already an amazing accomplishment for being there for a short time. Do you have any suggestions for those who have never been to Nashville on where or what to do there?


Alina: You should definitely go see one of the songwriter rounds. It’s the type of show where writers sit in a circle and take turns performing their songs. You’ll get to hear the personal and often touching stories behind the lyrics! The Bluebird cafe is famous for their rounds, but I’d also recommend the Listening Room and Douglas Corner.


APro: How about home, is there anything you are missing about LA?


Alina: My amazing 4-mile jogging route through the streets of West Hollywood! All I’ve got here is a treadmill – Nashville is WAY too hot in the summer to be running outside. And of course, I really miss my friends and fans in LA! Can’t wait to go back and do a show there!


We here at APro can’t wait for Alina to come to LA and do another show. Catch up on what Alina is up to on her personal website Make sure to like her on Facebook and follow on Twitter. We also want to thank Alina for taking time from her busy schedule and answer our questions. We hope that you have enjoyed this as much as we did!

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